From Gainesville to South Florida!

So, the word on the street is that jc{P} is picking up and moving to South Florida. Well, it’s true. David got a new job in Palm Beach Gardens and so we’ll be off! David’s actually been working down there for a few weeks. He’s staying with family until we can figure out where we’re actually going to settle in and live. My last day is June 11th at my “day job” – working at Meridian as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. It’s kind of scary – feels like we’re launching into the unknown, but I like it anyway. In a couple weeks, we have Summer & Kevin’s wedding, my 10 year high school reunion, and we’re moving. That’s a lot. Here’s to taking deep breaths.

We’ll really miss Gainesville in many ways – the great friends that are still here, the photography community that continues to foster growth, the amazing restaurants. Oh, David’s BBQ and The Top, how I will miss you. Not to mention the home of the Gators. It won’t be the same without the seasonal traffic and the pomp and ceremony of living near our Alma Mater.

As for our specific destination, we’re thinking Stuart or thereabouts. I know they have lots of cute shops down there and it’s close to family in Ft. Pierce and the Pizzle (Port Saint Lucie), so it just might be a winner! Here’s a recent family photo, taken by our good friend Lindsey, fellow Gainesville Wedding Photographer. Looking forward to having these up in our new home, wherever that may end up being!

Palm Beach Wedding Photography

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