Vision Street Wear David and I have a thing for skateboarding shoes. Recently I scored these puppies for $10. Yeah, that’s right. They are Vision Street Wear – David’s favorite brand as a little punk skater kid. I’m going to have to upload one of those pics of him one day. He started very young, with a neon green giant skateboard and spiked hair.

Interesting fact – we found out that our neighbor behind us has a halfpipe in his yard. It needs refinishing, but soon it will be usable again. I wonder if David will attempt to use it. I wonder if I will attempt to use it.

Our neighbors to the east take their energetic boxer for runs on their longboard. She pulls them along. I wonder if I’ll try that. Last time I rode a longboard I nearly split my pants outside Little Hall at UF.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll start more slowly. Like, maybe just wearing my shoes around.

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