New Blog! Old News.

Jemma Coleman Photography has a new blog! Yay! Exciting! Fantastic! This new blog has been built over the course of the last seven months. Seems a bit long, no? Well, there’s a reason for that.

Originally this project started back in March, when we bought our ProPhoto theme and commissioned custom art from the lovely talented Melissa Esplin of ISLY in April. Then, life hit. You know, like a big tidal wave. It came in, swept away everything we’d been doing and left things in quite a disarray. At the time David and I were both working full time jobs on top of managing our photography business in Gainesville, FL. Things had been extremely stressful at our day jobs from the beginning of the year. We’d just gotten back from a vacation in Mexico (last minute opportunity we were able to jump on), were looking at five weddings coming up over the next three months, as well as David’s sister’s wedding in May. It just seemed like things weren’t going to slow down until the summer.

We got through most of that fine, but things were getting crazier at our day jobs. Longer hours. More drama than we cared for. It was getting old. Fast. Our fifth wedding anniversary was May 7th. We were supposed to find some sort of wood gift for each other, and our furniture was past due for replacement, so we decided to go that route. Little did we know we’d soon be buying a lot of new furniture. We found out that weekend that David was offered a new position in South Florida. With one of the best people in the business.

This was epic. It meant so many things. It justified so many things. It was exactly what we needed. It meant: Closer to family. No more day job drama. Change of scenery. New direction for our business. It justified: Not being allowed to rent the awesome house we’d lived in prior to our duplex. If we’d been allowed to stay, we’d have been locked into a lease and either wasted money, missed the opportunity, or had to live apart. Not finding any way to do a rural loan repayment program for my graduate degrees. If I’d started that, I’d feel locked into it and we wouldn’t have wanted to move. Not getting to move to Colorado, our dream for several years. If we’d moved to Colorado, we’d have missed this.

These are just a few of the things that led us down here to this new area to start a new part of our lives together. Sometimes I get caught up in all the crazy work and in picking up all these pieces that I still keep finding everywhere and I forget how blessed I am to be here. It’s really an amazing thing. And now, well, we’ve got our new blog. it represents a new beginning in a way. It’s still got the old us. We’re still Jemma and David – friendly, silly, caring, sarcastic. It also has new ideas. Fresh inspiration. Personal insight. It used to be I’d blog a few images, say a few words, and that was it. Not that I’m planning on spewing verbiage for the sake of content, but I hope you’ll have the opportunity to see a little more into who we are through our posts, our personal work, and little jibjabs here and there.

So welcome to the new blog. We made it. We’re here.

Oh and stay tuned for awesome contests, idea posts, and educational information for photography shoppers! And as always, check out the photos – just keep in mind copyright law and don’t take them from my site. If you’d like to use them, contact me first: photo at jemmacoleman dot com or use the contact form!

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Bobby Coleman

The new site looks great. You two do very nice work. Can’t wait to see more.



Hellooooo. . . love the new design and layout. It’s obvious a lot of work went into this. I especially like the new pix of you two—you two are too stinkin’ cute! Love, love, love you!

Shanna and CJ

New site looks awesome :) Love the colors! Can’t wait to see all the great work to come

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