Drew – South Florida Portrait Photographer

I definitely had tons of fun with Drew on this shoot. He was a great model – smiley, genuine, fun, and goofy. Oh, patient too… see photos at end. I thought I’d share some of the entertainment I enjoyed during our shoot. As well as I can remember anyway. Don’t quote me.

Me: “Can you give me a really believable fake laugh?”

Drew: “Sure!  Actually, I do this all the time.”

Jupiter Florida Graduation Portraits

Drew: “What should I do?”

Me: “I dunno.”

{ADHD moment}

Me: “Look, a coconut!”

Drew: “Watch this!”



Jupiter Florida Graduation Portraits

Me: “Do you have any cool accessories?”

Drew: “I have this belt buckle.”

Me: “Okay, hold it and look kinda like, ‘what!'”

Drew: “No problem.”

*Drew poses like ‘what!’*

Jupiter Florida Graduation Portraits

Me: “Stand here. David’s going to shine some light in your eyes. Don’t look into the light. It could blind you.”

Jupiter Florida Graduation Portraits

Drew: “Do you think we can get my socks in the photos?”

Me: “Definitely.”

Drew: “Awesome. I love argyle.”

*hugs socks to chest*

Drew: “Oh and I have a sweater-vest for later.”

Jupiter Florida Graduation Portraits

These are the photos that Drew was very patient for. He ran stadiums and did mountain climbers over and over and over to get the perfect shot of his reebok ad-worthy calf muscles. Plus I took some of these other cool ones. I like em.

Jupiter Florida Graduation PortraitsJupiter Florida Graduation Portraits


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These are some fabulous pictures! You really seem to catch a persons best “side” Thanks again for sharing!

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