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Palm Beach, FL Wedding Photographer Jemma ColemanMeet Jemma Mary Rose Coleman.

I have always had a little bit of a creative streak. I was never good at drawing. I can only really paint if I copy someone else’s. Scrapbooking was fun. I sing & attempt to play guitar. I dance from my soul unskillfully.  I made a few quilts. My handmade dresses never fit properly.  I finally found photography and it has been my love ever since. There is so much to discover in and create  with the light. I never get bored. And that’s essential!

I love my husband, my three dogs, station wagons, being spontaneous, riding bikes, my wonderful friends, making delicious beverages from scratch (watermelon lemonade anyone?), creating lists, and being with my family. I am a licensed mental health counselor. Working with teens, families, and relationships is my passion. It’s no surprise that these are my favorite aspects to photograph as well, specializing in weddings, seniors, and family portraits. Helping to find and capture joy, that’s what it’s all about.

Palm Beach, FL Wedding Photographer David Coleman




Meet David Craig Coleman.

I love tinkering with things. Cars, bikes, toys, computers, just about anything. To me photography is a really big machine, with many parts that work together to make a great image.  I was first drawn to photography when I was a teenager, taking pictures of my friends skateboarding and trying to figure out how the pros got those awesome shots (I would have killed for a Nikon F4, power winder and fish eye!). I love shooting with Jemma because we see things so differently, and its exciting to see how our perspectives build the story of how an event unfolds.

I ride bikes a lot. Mostly for fun (I’m no Lance!). I work as an insurance agent and I love my job and the people I work for. I’m the only person in my office with a pack of crayons on my desk (which get used daily). I’m a little obsessed with Chipotle Burritos and my love for the Florida Gators is only rivaled by my love for my wife, family, and our lovable rescue mutts.

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