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Jupiter, FL PhotographerThere’s really nothing like it. It’s easy, fun to make, and SO refreshing.


Splenda (with fiber if you want)


citrus reamer/juicer
knife & cutting board
spoon/stirring device

1. Fill glass with ice.
2. Cut up lime into easily squeezable shape depending on juicing tool.
3. Squeeze lime juice over ice
4. Fill glass with water
5. Add Splenda
6. Stir it up
7. Garnish with lime slice & enjoy!

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So, since I’ve been down here – my job has been to search out the area and find a good place for us to rent a house. Quite a feat – luckily I had my sister-in-law and friend Jake to help me and keep me company. So, off I went.

After several days of pure driving around St. Lucie, Martin, and just a smidge into northern Palm Beach County, I got an idea of the area. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of “For Rent” signs visible. :-/ So back to craigslist and realtor websites to continue the search. It really seemed that there was NOTHING out there! We wanted three bedrooms, two baths, a fenced in yard, pets allowed (um, three big dogs), somewhat modern/updated, within 20-30 minutes drive from David’s job in Palm Beach Gardens. Searched on Craigslist day after day. Nothing. Nothing. Too small. Nothing. Too expensive. Nothing. Too far. No fence. Nothing. Too sketchy. No pets allowed.

It was clear we were going to have to compromise. So I revised the criteria – smaller, more $. Still. Nothing. Ugh. At this point, we were trying to figure out how we were going to convince our newly married sister and brother-in-law to let us stay with them for a bit longer. We had the talk. We settled in for a few months of slow searching. It just wasn’t looking like we were getting our own place.

Then suddenly- we found it. The perfect house. It was much further south than we originally planned. Not as obviously close to I-95 as we originally wanted. Not three bedrooms. But it looked clean, cute, had a fenced in yard, was 11 miles from David’s job, and only 2 miles from the beach. And most importantly, it allowed our three big dogs!

So we looked at the house, gave them a check for the deposit and begged them to hold it for us. And it’s ours! We got a call the next day saying we had it! Finally. A house of our own. Together. I know we just ended our lease June 30th in Gainesville. But David’s been gone since May 23rd. My home has been upside down and inside out, into storage, and in confused chunks here, there, and everywhere. It will be such a relief to have our own space, so I can settle.

Our house is just on the border between Tequesta and Jupiter, FL on the Jupiter side. David has a friend who lives, wait for it, four miles from our new house. We just had dinner with him at a fabulous local neighborhood family restaurant – Cobblestone Cafe. YUM. Oh and the best best best part of all? Dog beach. That’s right. DOG. BEACH. I can’t get any happier. There is a beach that allows dogs off-leash only 3 miles from our house. For David, there is a wonderful snorkeling beach 2 miles away. Awesome.

Seems like we’ll be moving in July 15th and I’ll be making quite a few trips to IKEA over the next month or so. We have NO furniture! All our stuff was old old old and/or won’t fit in our two bedroom house. We’re going to have our second bedroom as a dedicated office. This will be a first. It’s going to be AWESOME!

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Summer & Kevin

This wedding & reception was almost TOO much fun to photograph. As in, we really wanted to put down the cameras and take part with everyone! A summer wedding in Florida means lots of gorgeous flowers, 95°+ heat, and yummy blueberries in season – to snack on and put diamond rings in for pictures!

Jupiter, FL Wedding PhotographyThe ceremony was held at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, FL. You just don’t need any other decoration when you’ve got that sort of scenery! Summer & Kevin had a lovely minimalist set up and let nature take care of the details. I love that.

Jupiter, FL Wedding PhotographyJupiter, FL Wedding PhotographyWe were getting some more romantic portraits of the two of them and decided to get a little moody in the bamboo, but these two couldn’t keep it together. They were having too much fun. I think part of being a model is that you have to get that “oh I’m so totally bored right now” look down. A for effort right?

Jupiter, FL Wedding Photography

Oh, so this is where I went a little crazy with the ring shots. There were just too many cool things to shoot them with! The ever delicious KB Kake Truffles, for one. I have no idea who took at bite out of that one. It was me. I think it’s symbolic. Or something. And then, the Wii-mote and guitar, video games can be such a cool thing for a couple to do together, and I know Summer and Kevin take total advantage. Proof further on down…Jupiter, FL Wedding Photography

Summer was getting the giggles because, well, have you ever tried to cut a Kake Truffle with a traditional wedding cake cutter thingy? Apparently it’s difficult! For the reception, instead of the traditional dances and bouquet and garter, Summer & Kevin played Guitar Hero and Mario Kart. The alternate ideas had everyone gathering round to watch!Jupiter, FL Wedding Photography

Summer and Kevin’s centerpieces were potted plants. Afterward they were taken home and planted. Such a smart idea! Those napkins were all gathered up after the reception. I wonder what’s going to happen with them. A quilt? A banner? So many fun reusable elements in their day.

What will you do to make your wedding day express yourselves as individuals and a couple? What other great ideas do you have that reduce the impact on the environment?

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