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Studio 31:8 Art Show

Sereen Gualtieri, was one of our first brides. Besides being totally gorgeous and a sweetheart, she is one of the most creative people I know.

Palm Beach Wedding Photography

Sereen has in the last year or so, built from the ground up the most amazing business for a cause. It’s called Studio 31:8 and involves the creation of art to express the inner thoughts and struggles of children suffering in the sex trade. The art is then sold or auctioned to raise money to provide safe houses and other support for the Pearl Alliance. You can meet the members of the coalition, see art for sale, and read about their happenings on their website.

Sereen had an art show in Gainesville that I was invited to come and photograph. Great conversation, delicious beverages, and tasty food was in abundance. Art lined all of the walls and conversations sparked about the inspiration. Sereen presented on the reality of the cause to a captive audience and a friend provided some musical entertainment.

a coalition of artists against sex trafficking

If you’re interested in donating art or money, purchasing art, or just becoming involved in some way, shape, or form – I highly recommend connecting with Sereen via and following the blog and facebook page. I’ve bought several of her art pieces and they are gorgeous.

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First Look, Day After, or After Ceremony?

With so many brides and grooms wanting to spare their guests the wait while their photographs are taken after the ceremony, there are always requests to speed the photography along accompanied with a realization that all those photographs they want simply take time. A tricky situation, but we have some thoughts that might help…

There are usually three things that you want:

1. “We want lots of gorgeous photos and especially portraits of just the two of us, preferably in several different locations.”
2. “We want the first time we see each other to be when I’m walking down the aisle.”
3. “We don’t want our guests to have to wait a long time for us at the reception.”
(let’s assume for the sake of argument a long time=over an hour.)

Realistically, you can pick two out of three things you’d like or get creative to make up for the other one. Read on to hear how we help our clients figure out what works best for them.

1. You can avoid seeing each other before the ceremony and have lots of amazing photos afterward, but your guests will have to wait a little while for you to get there, or you’ll need to skip out on some of the reception in the middle of it.
possible solutions: cocktail hour; entertainment at the reception; have both ceremony and reception at the same site to cut down on time traveling between the two; if you’re having a mid-day wedding, take some photos toward the end of the reception or afterward (great chance to catch sunset!); sneak out while everyone else is still working on their meal and grab some more photos then.
cons: extra costs of cocktail hour or entertainment; missing out on parts of your reception; hair and make-up not looking so hot after most of the reception for the later photos.

Here are some of Julie & Richard’s portraits that were taken here and there before & during the reception.

2. You can see each other first at the ceremony and get to your reception on time, but you won’t have a chance to do many photos and you may feel rushed.
possible solutions: pick a ceremony site that you can also have the reception at with a lot of variety in shooting locations, giving you the most opportunity in the most compact time and space, have a {day after} session and get dressed up in your duds again for some photos before you jet off your honeymoon; have a {days after} session – when you’re back from your honeymoon, get dressed in your duds again (maybe even funk it up and wear something different) and gallavant around multiple fun locations to capture those shots.
cons: possibly paying for hair, make-up, and tux rental again, added cost of extra photography

Here are Dan & Sereen’s {days after} portraits. Sereen changed up her hair and jewelry and Dan had a few wardrobe changes to change up the feel of the photos. They were able to do their shots in Waldo, which expressed another part of their personalities.

3. You can get lots of photos and make it to the reception on time but you’ll have to see each other before the ceremony.
possible solutions: a {first look} session – make it your own, plan it out ahead of time or be spontaneous. pick a lovely location and have the groom waiting with his back turned and the bride come in, announce herself or tap him on the shoulder while the photographers shoot with a long lens to capture this beautiful, private moment between the two of you. Alternately, you can set it up with family and friends looking on if you still want the moment to be shared with your loved ones. We’ll be shooting this way at our next wedding & we’ll add photos to this post, so check back with us in mid-November! Either way, after the first look, you can get on with the romantic shots with the two of you, take bridal party shots, and maybe some family photos, provided you have informed them that you’d like them ready early.
cons: breaking a tradition.

here is Marion & Russ’ {first look}

What do you think about these ideas? Do you see any more drawbacks? What are you going to do if you’re getting married? What did you do and how did it work out?

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Marion & Russ

Marion & Russ had one of the most beautiful backyard weddings I’ve ever seen. The whole event was just fraught with handmade and crafty details. The wedding was held on Melrose Bay at a family friend’s home.

Palm Beach Wedding PhotographyI knew Marion’s brother Gramley from my days as a camper at Camp Weed. From my summers as counselor in training and counselor, I grew to know Marion, a funny and outspoken young woman. I never imagined one day I’d be shooting her wedding! Marion got ready down the road at another family friend’s home with her bridesmaids helping her and covering her in prayers.

Palm Beach Wedding PhotographyHave you ever seen such lovely ladies? And check out these awesome necklaces made by another Camp Weed alum, Holly Wilgus Holloway. She’s the owner of The Governor’s Daughter and the artist behind these one of a kind beaded necklaces. Marion had them made for her entire bridal party. I love the bright funky color scheme playing off of the classic champagne and ivory dresses!

Palm Beach Wedding PhotographyI was sooo excited that Marion and Russ opted to do the “first look” so that they could share their first moments on their special day alone with each other. We were of course then able to get all their bridal party portraits completed before the ceremony!

Palm Beach Wedding PhotographyPalm Beach Wedding Photography

The Episcopal Ceremony is very beautiful and full of symbolism. It’s also very familiar feeling when you’ve grown up in that church. Seeing it outside was so wonderful. I love when tradition is performed just outside of the norm.

Palm Beach Wedding PhotographyMarion’s dad was really excited about having Pierce Pettis perform for the ceremony and reception. I have to say, the music was pretty fabulous!

Palm Beach Wedding PhotographyPalm Beach Wedding PhotographyI was so excited to see even MORE amazing details at the reception. For a church fellowship hall, this place was pretty stinkin’ cute. I just loved the exposed wood beams, the christmas lights, the use of quilts, and antique glass vases paired with multicolored blooms. The paper flower balls were too cute as well!

Palm Beach Wedding PhotographyNow THIS was a party. Square dancing and contra dancing to a live band? Yes please!!! Everyone participated and you can tell, they all had the BEST time! Marion cracked me up so much. If she wanted to say something she just got up on stage and yelled it out!

Palm Beach Wedding PhotographyThanks so much for including us in your beautiful day. It was SUCH a pleasure to be there, experiencing it all, and many blessings in your marriage!!

Reception Venue: Trinity Episcopal Church
Musician: Pierce Pettis

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